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What is the Instagram Stories Downloader?

The Instagram Story Downloader is a tool designed to facilitate the downloading of Instagram stories, including photos and videos, in the MP4 format, with high efficiency.

The Instagram story downloader, developed by icedownloader, enables users to download Instagram stories without needing an account login.

To download an Instagram story for free, copy and paste the corresponding link into the designated input box on the icedownloader.com website.

The Instagram story downloader tool through a web browser enables the downloading of Instagram stories on various devices, including PCs, Macs, iPhones, and Android devices, without software installation.

How to download Instagram Story by icedownloader?

step1-Instagram Stories Downloader

Copy the URL link

Access the Instagram application and duplicate the URL associated with your Instagram story. The conventional procedure entails selecting the 'MORE' button and opting for the 'copy link' function

step2-Instagram Stories Downloader

Enter the URL on the box by going there

To generate download links, it is recommended to revisit the icedownloader website, copy the desired link, and subsequently paste it into the designated search bar. The duration required for completion ranges from 5 to 30 seconds, contingent upon individual speed

step3-Instagram Stories Downloader

Saving files to your device

The viewer will be presented with video and photo content of exceptional quality. Users can now efficiently and expeditiously obtain any desired file without intermediaries

step4-Instagram Stories Downloader

Saving files to your device

The viewer will be presented with video and photo content of exceptional quality. Users can now efficiently and expeditiously obtain any desired file without intermediaries

Download Instagram Stories

Why do you need the icedownloader to download & save Instagram stories?

Installing Instagram story quality can be accomplished by initiating a double-click action. It is recommended to xercise caution when relying on potentially unsafe applications and to express appreciation for videos of inferior quality.

One of the Most Popular Choices!

This tool can store Instagram Reels in widely supported and commonly utilized formats. Installing Instagram Reels can be accomplished by utilizing the icedownloader tool and quickly retrieving the desired content. The task may present a higher level of complexity than initially perceived.

The service is entirely free

To complete a transaction, it is necessary to utilize a credit or debit card that is currently valid. Nevertheless, this complimentary tool can download and preserve your Instagram Reels.

No need to register & create an account

The procedure can be executed without the requirement of registration or account creation on the platform of icedownloader.


Instagram Reels can be downloaded without any limitations on frequency. Within this context, individuals can engage in any action they prefer. Users are encouraged to download and preserve Instagram display pictures (DPs) featuring their acquaintances and notable individuals.

Access at any given time & location

Instagram Reels can be accessed and downloaded on various electronic devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. However, it is essential to note that this capability is contingent upon having an internet connection.

The capability to accommodate a diverse range of file formats

The development process of the icedownloader has reached its conclusion. A diverse range of data and file formats are available for download.

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To download an Instagram story from our tool, follow the instructions above that are straightforward and fast:


  • Open Instagram with Chrome, Firefox, Internet, or Instagram app.


  • Select a great Instagram story that you want to download.


  • Copy the story URL or the username.


  • Enter them in the related box in the icedownloader site.


  • Clicking the Download button.


  • Your Instagram story content is now in a folder.

No, it is not necessary to register your account credentials, as icedownloader does not require any user information to download Instagram stories. Consequently, users can securely and anonymously download content from Instagram.

Yes, of course, but you must wait for the Story to end.

There are no bounds to this. You can get your hands on every one of the stories.

Sure. It is lawful to download others’ Instagram stories unless you want to profit from them. You cannot distribute it for commercial benefit. If you want to use these stories in any way, shape, or form, you’ll need the owner’s permission and credit them each time.

If you want to preserve the post link, copy the URL and paste it into the corresponding box on the icedownloader website for Android users to download the Instagram stories.

Like the Android operating system, this process can be accomplished relatively easily for downloading Instagram stories on iOS devices.

Downloading stories from Instagram is simple with the help of icedownloader.com. The processes are completely free, and no need to spend any penny.