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How to Disconnect Facebook Stories from Instagram?

How To Unlink Facebook from Instagram

In today’s linked social media landscape, services like Instagram and Facebook have integrated tools that make it easy to transfer content across the two sites.

Sharing stories from Instagram to Facebook Stories is one example of this kind of service. While this does allow users to reach more people with less work potentially, there are situations in which they would rather keep their Instagram and Facebook stories distinct.

Disconnecting Facebook stories from Instagram might be a helpful move, whether it’s because the audiences on each site vary or you just want greater control over where information is published.

To make sure your stories only appear where you want them to, this tutorial will show you how to disconnect your Facebook Stories from Instagram.

How to Stop Instagram from Sharing Post & Story to Facebook
How to Stop Instagram from Sharing Post & Story to Facebook

A step-by-step guide to disconnecting Instagram stories from Facebook

In the event that you want to detach your Instagram Stories from your Facebook Stories, following detailed procedures should be followed:

  • Launch Instagram: To begin, launch the Instagram app on your mobile device.
  • Go to Your Profile: Click on your profile photo in the lower right corner to access your profile page.
  • Access Settings: To access the settings, go to your profile and look for the menu symbol (three horizontal lines) on the top right. Tap on it. A menu will be shown.
  • Select ‘Settings’: ‘Settings’ should be selected. ‘Settings’ is often at the bottom of the menu; locate it and touch on it.
  • Go to your account’s settings: Find ‘Account’ or an equivalent item in the settings menu by scrolling down.
  • Get to the Story Controls section: Look for “Story” or “Story Controls” in your account’s settings. ‘Privacy’ is one possible location for this option.
  • Toggle Off Facebook Sharing: In the Story settings, you should see an option that reads ‘Share Your Story to Facebook’ or ‘Sharing to Facebook.’ Locate and adjust this setting.
  • Turn Off Automatic Sharing to Facebook: Turn off the feature that lets Instagram automatically share your stories with Facebook.
  • Save Changes: Always remember to save your work after making changes.
  • Check Privacy Settings on Facebook: If you’d want to double-check that Instagram posts aren’t automatically shared to your Facebook Story, you may do so by going into your Facebook settings.

Making these changes will prevent Instagram stories from automatically posting to Facebook stories in the future. Look for comparable phrases related to story sharing or cross-posting between Instagram and Facebook if you can’t locate the precise choices as mentioned; the labels and particular options may differ somewhat depending on the version of the app you’re using.

What happens if you disconnect Facebook Stories from Instagram?

Disconnecting Instagram Stories from Facebook Stories has a number of implications, both immediate and long-term, including the following:

Separate Story Platforms

  • Instagram stories will no longer sync with Facebook stories; the two platforms are now completely separate. Your content will only display on both platforms if you publish them individually.

Reduced Reach

  • You risk having fewer people see the content overall if you disconnect your Facebook Stories from Instagram. Stories shared on Instagram will not be visible to your Facebook friends and followers.

More Control Over Content Distribution

  • The ability to unlink Instagram stories from Facebook gives you more say over how and where your content is disseminated. You have the option to personalize your tales for each network, which is great if your Instagram and Facebook followers have very different hobbies or demographics.

Increased Time & Effort

  • Spending extra time and energy on each platform’s story postings might be a pain if you’re used to the simplicity of automated sharing.

Potential for Diverse Content Strategies

  • If your Instagram and Facebook audiences are disconnecting in terms of the kind of interaction or engagement they want, you may want to consider developing platform-specific content strategies. This opens up the possibility of diversifying your content approach.

Privacy & Audience Considerations

  • If you’re worried about others seeing what you post on Instagram, you can disconnect the stories feature to keep your content private. If you utilize separate platforms for different goals, such as your business life and your personal life, this might become quite significant.

Impact on Analytics and Insights

  • If you depend on social media analytics, you may need to rethink how you collect and analyze engagement data in the future since the articles aren’t going to be connected.

Manual Sharing Option

  • You still have the option to share stories manually if you choose. With this feature, you can choose which stories to post on both platforms.

Re-evaluation of Social Media Strategy

  • Because of this, you may want to rethink your approach to social media marketing in general, particularly if you’re in charge of a company’s or brand’s account. Content strategy can be fine-tuned for each platform using this.

Potential Reduction in Engagement

  • Because the content won’t be shared as widely, separating the Instagram and Facebook stories might reduce engagement overall, especially if your audience largely overlaps with Instagram and Facebook.
How to Stop Instagram Story Sharing to Facebook
How to Stop Instagram Story Sharing to Facebook


Finally, if you want more say over your content and how it gets shared across social media, you can easily unlink Facebook Stories from Instagram.

Particularly helpful for managing privacy choices, creating stories for specific audiences, and keeping one’s personal and professional lives separate is this divide.

This provides for a more personalized social media experience, but it may decrease your stories’ overall reach and add some work to organizing material across platforms.

The ability to manage the connection between Instagram and Facebook stories is crucial in today’s interconnected social media landscape, whether you’re a business trying to optimize your social media strategy or an individual wanting more control over your online presence.

Now, it is your turn to tell us about your experiences in the case of disconnecting Facebook stories from Instagram.

Did you do this act in your accounts? Share all you know in the comment section.